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Whether you prefer to stay undercover and participate in an unrevealed mystery shop, reward a restaurant employee for their hard work with a rewards program, or show off your professional side with a revealed on-site inspection, The Source has all the projects you want and love. If you can't decide what your favorite type of shop is, try getting involved in multiple programs. Since you're an Independent Contractor, you can pick and choose which projects you want to complete!

Types of Projects


Mystery Shopping

Provide an unbiased third-party view of the customer experience while interacting with products, services and employees.



Participate in a real-time shopping experience, accompanied by a moderator looking to understand the behavior and attitudes that influence the consumer’s purchase decision at the time of purchase.


Stock Audits

Provide customer perceptions of stock
levels to determine general item availability for customers at retail locations in predetermined 


Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Voice opinions about products, services and/or employee interactions via online link, mobile app and/or integrated voice response (IVR).


Rewards & Recognition

An unrevealed interaction with employees and involves a revealed interaction that is designed to reward employees on the spot for exercising great judgment or customer service.


Customer Intercepts

Engage customers outside physical locations to understand customer expectations, awareness and provide feedback on their experiences regarding products and services (Tablet required).

Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing Audits

Audits are conducted at retail locations to find prices of items from either a pre-defined SKU list or in an un-defined manner for entire departments (in support of new store openings).

Merchandising Audits

Merchandising Audits

Field Agents visit office supply stores and other businesses to determine if product displays, store signage, and end caps are properly set up and maintained.

CMS Compliance Audits

CMS Compliance

These mystery shops are offered each fall during the Annual Enrollment period for Medicare/Medicaid. Ideal for those who want to learn about current options for health care coverage, Field Agents will evaluate insurance sales agents’ professionalism and how informative they are in their sales pitches. Project types include formal and informal enrollment events, 1-on-1 appointments, and call programs (supporting all CMS focus languages for translation services).

OnSite Inspections

OnSite Inspections

Overseen by our top-notch team of OSI Coordinators, these revealed inspections involve visiting a business and verifying that the owners and employees are following the proper protocol and mitigating risk factors. Field Agents capture photos of items like locked filing cabinets, secured offices, shredders, and other business safeguards. A background check and OSI Certification is required of Field Agents for these projects, which are performed either in traditional office complexes or in personal residences.